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In the Field of External Diplomatic Movement:

§  Setting the detailed attitudes in the framework of the external policy specified for any of the issues, setting plans, and specifying the necessary mechanisms and steps for their implantation.

§  Displaying the Palestinian political attitude in the field of the Palestinian –Israeli conflict and explaining , clarifying and promoting it to the world public opinion and political and diplomatic forums , highlighting the Palestinian efforts and the Palestinian attitudes taken in the framework of the peace process at various tracks of negotiation and its frameworks in order to achieve the Palestinian national objectives and acknowledging the national and human rights of the Palestinian people which are guaranteed by the international laws and conventions.

§  Deepening the Palestinian – Arab relations and reaching an Arab unified attitude to support the Palestinian attitude, earnestly contributing to reinforce the Arab joint work and develop its first institution , “the Arab League “ , and reinforce its role.

§  Strengthening the Palestinian relations with the Islamic countries and the Islamic Conference Organization, as well as with the Non-Align Movement countries, and reinforcing this movement, and strengthening relations with all friendly countries throughout the world.

§  Deepening the bilateral relations and friendly relations and cooperation with European western and eastern countries and with developed countries and growing up countries.

§  Improving the relations with the few countries which have not yet taken even partial attitude to support the Palestinian national attitude and the Palestinian political attitude and developing this relation with these countries to serve the Palestinian interests.

§  Contribution to set strategic plans, specifying and executive the negotiative attitudes with Israel and providing necessary support and legal and technical experiences to facilitate the work of the Palestinian negotiator within this framework.

§  Maintaining the attitudes of the United Nationals and its organizations on the different aspects of the Palestinian Problem , developing such attitudes and continuing issuing the necessary resolutions relating this matter either by the International Security Council or by the United Nations General Assembly or by both of them .

§  Representing Palestine at al organizations and their groups and the relevant, international and regional official meetings, in coordination with the other Palestinian concerned authority as appropriate.

§  Effective participation in the international activities and events , and in the international efforts on different issues that concern the world , and crystallizing a Palestinian positive attitude towards such issues and steady work on rising up the position f the International Law in all aspects.

§  Expanding the international recognition circle with Palestine and seeking to enable Palestine to obtain full membership to the United Nations.

In the Field of International Economic Relations and Cooperation:

§  Developing and activating the Palestinian economic relations with the countries of the world in coordination with the Palestinian Embassies, and Missions abroad, and with the concerned ministries and authorities.

§  Encouraging the external investments flow to Palestine by providing with necessary facilities, information and data that assist in taking decisions and answering any relevant questions or inquiries in full coordination with concerned authorities.

§  Organizing economic conferences in order to study the Palestinian conditions and different cooperation field, and holding bilateral economic agreements in coordination with Palestinian concerned authorities.

§  Presiding the Palestinian bilateral and joint committees that are concerned with establishing and organizing international bilateral and multi-lateral relations in all fields.

§  Activating commercial exchange in all its forms and mechanisms, urging, and encouraging it (agreements, exhibitions, conferences) for executing the items of the signed agreements.

§  Providing university scholarships and seats and training courses for the Palestinian students at various academic levels through the Ministry of Higher Education and other Palestinian concerned authorities, and contributing to open the horizons of cooperation and scientific and technical experiences and efficiencies between the Palestinian universities and scientific foundations and their counterparts abroad.

§  Opening work fields for the Palestinians in different countries.

§  Promoting foreign tourism including religious and holy tourism to get benefit from what Palestine represents for all heaven religious, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and with the Palestinian concerned authorities.

§  Activating the role of Palestine in the dialogue of civilizations as it is a dialogue between various religions and cultures in the world based on the acknowledgment of richness and wealth included in pluralism.

§  Developing the cultural relations and cultural exchange with the countries of the world and with the international organizations on top of which are UNESCO, the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) and the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations (ISESCO) by providing with suggestions relating to developing these relations and following up them through the concerned departments of the Ministry , and in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Culture and other relevant ministries and bodies.

§  Participation in symposiums and conferences held by the donor countries and institutions in all the countries of the world , in cooperation with representatives of other relevant ministries aiming to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the Palestinian people from such international symposiums and conferences of the donor countries.

§  Conducting talks, and concluding agreements in the name of Palestine aiming to ensure the financial and technical support necessary for fulfilling the urgent human requirements , contributing to reconstruction , supporting the budget of the Palestinian National Authority , and for funding the plans of human development and sustainable development ,in coordination and cooperation with all concerned ministries in the light of the principles , policies and criteria approved by the Council of Ministers and the Palestinian Leadership.

§  Representing Palestine in the annual conferences and periodical meetings of the donor countries at local and international levels.

§  Representing Palestine in the conferences and meetings of the 77 Countries Group and China and in the international relevant organizations and communities, as well as in the international specialized conferences.

In the Field of Expatriates and Refugees:

§  Creating information and database including various fields and aspects about the places of existence of the Palestinian expatriates and refugees outside the country, and continuously updating this database to facilitate the process of getting benefit from it.

§  Creating channels of communication and strengthening communication relations and connection with the Palestinian communities, sponsoring their organization and framing their efforts to increase their political, economic and social influence on the countries where they live, in order to serve Palestine and support its issues and sponsor and realize its interests.

§  Urging the Palestinian capital abroad, to contribute to building the Palestinian economy and encouraging such capital to invest funds in projects that develop the Palestinian society.

§  Providing necessary services and facilities to the Palestinian communities and closely working with the Palestinian Embassies and Missions as well as coordinating the official and popular efforts to sponsor those communities and maintain their interests, and enable them to perform their national duties in coordination with the concerned ministries and bodies.

§  Providing the Palestinian communities with information and data about all economic, social, cultural and political aspects of life inside the country and activate their role in the Palestinian action as they are considered an integral part and extension of the Palestinian people.

§  Supporting communication and connection among the Palestinian people in Diaspora exiles, deepening their belonging to their homeland through participation in celebrating the national events and holding cultural and artistic exhibitions in coordination with concerned authorities.

§  Improving the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the Palestinian refugee camps wherever they are existing inside the country and abroad, in coordination with the countries where they live and with the relevant international organizations and bodies.

§  Coordinating the efforts in all international forums in order to set plans that warrant reaching to an equitable solution for the problem of the refugees that is committed to the resolutions of the international legality and executing such plans.

In the Field of Diplomatic Corps Development

  • Adopting the Diplomatic Corps Law, and the Structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and setting bylaws that organize the work in all fields.
  • Affixing the correct work conventions, reinforcing a work positive culture based on self-discipline, earnest work, accountability, paying attention to credibility, and above all, national and political commitment.
  • Developing the human resources of the Ministry through attracting distinctive youth efficiencies and appointing them at the beginning of the job scale by adopting a clear policy for employment and selection based on criteria, mechanisms, competitions free from discrimination, and also based on the principle of opportunity equality, and through preparing programs for Palestinian diplomatic and consular training and working regularly and equitably on improving the living conditions of the Ministry’s staff either at its headquarters inside the country or at the Palestinian Embassies, Missions and external offices.
  • Setting current budgets including the added allowances to the salaries of the Diplomatic Corps staff at the headquarters and at the Embassies, in coordination with the concerned authorities, and obtaining necessary approvals to adopt such budgets and their attachments by the Council of Ministers and the Palestinian Legislative Council, and immediately starting payment directly through the Ministry.
  • Supervising and following up the work of the Palestinian diplomatic Missions and providing those Missions with the required information and necessary instructions, and receiving continuous reports on their activities and works.
  • Developing the Palestinian Diplomatic Corps abroad, executing the Cycling Law and conducting appointments and movements of staff, and recommending ambassadors to the President for his approval on them and executing the regulations of Retirement Law regarding them.
  • Extension of applying the non-resident representation system regarding our external relations, and re-considering the resident existence of some Missions in order to achieve better balancing.
  • Supervising and organizing the approval on the foreign ambassadors and representatives at the Palestinian National Authority, and the State of Palestine.
  • Organizing and developing the Consular work, and establishing new consular divisions at the Palestinian Embassies and Missions abroad, especially in the countries where Palestinian large communities live.
  • Organizing and developing the work of the attaches at the Palestinian Embassies and Missions in coordination with the Palestinian ministries and institutions and applying the relevant laws.
  • Supervising and organizing the visits of the foreign official delegations at higher ministerial level.
  • Supervising granting and renewal of the Palestinian diplomatic passports.





The External Policy:

Palestine adopts a group of principles and approaches that form a basis and start point for its external policy in dealing with all international and regional issues, and in interaction with different countries and political entities in the world, based on the following:

§  Maintaining the independence of the Palestinian decision, which expresses the free will of the Palestinian people.

§  Commitment to the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of any country, and taking into consideration the rules of good neighboring, and not allowing intervention in the Palestinian internal affairs.

§  Commitment to the Covenants and Principles of the United Nations and to the regulations of the International Law and to the World Human Rights Declaration.

§  Establishing good relations with all countries based on equality and mutual respect that ensures maintaining and achieving the higher interest of Palestine.

§  Supporting the international right and legality and supporting the equitable issues.

§  Commitment to the principles of the Non-Align Movement.

§  Commitment to the principles of peaceful co-existence, and working with all the countries in order to achieve permanent peace based on justice and respect of rights.

§  Commitment to settling the international and regional problems in peaceful ways, refusing threat with force or using it against safety of the land of any country without prejudice to the national right of the countries to defend their lands and their independence.


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